LT-Power is a revolutionary, high-end, flat high-vacuum solar thermal panel designed as an ideal thermal energy source up to 100°C for residential and district heating applications.

Key Features:

  • Unique combination of planar layout and high-vacuum insulation
  • Embedded return HTF flow under high vacuum
  • Corrosion-proof all-metal casing
  • Materials qualified for long-lasting high-vacuum
  • Spot-Check™ visual high-vacuum verification
  • Lightweight for easy rooftop integration
  • 100% recyclable

Key Advantages vs. Evacuated Tubes:

  • Highest efficiency: due to thermo-fluid flowing entirely under high-vacuum
  • High performance: the only panel able to operate at 75°C in bad weather and cold climates
  • Long durability: no degradation of performance over long-lasting product lifetime
  • Smallest installation footprint: highest aperture-to-gross area ratio

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