Residential and District Heating

District Heating

  • TVP Charged™ panels drive district heating plants with the highest efficiency – distributing heat generated in a centralized location for both residential and commercial clients, providing water and ambient heating while minimizing carbon emissions.
  • These large-scale solar fields are offered a unique opportunity in regards to efficiency, footprint and payback thanks to TVP Charged™ panels.

Residential Heating

  • TVP Charged™ panels drive the highest-performing and most versatile solution for all home heating needs with the lowest installation footprint.
  • Applications include on-demand hot sanitary water, year-round pool use and even ambient air heating via traditional radiators.
  • The panels enable a true home combi-system, consistently producing hot water up to 85°C in all weather conditions. Even under low solar irradiance they can easily serve single-family homes, large villas and even condominiums.

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